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Where there is Prime there is perfect taste. Presenting Odisha’s best, Prime food products wide-ranging from sauces, pickles, spices, namkeens, noodles and homecare products. We do not compromise with our quality so why should you compromise with your choice.

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Prime offers a diverse range of exemplary food products, dishwash cleaners and disinfectants. It consistently strives to make a new varied products with the central goal pf 100% consumers satisfaction

Made for your taste

Our manufacturers are trained to be proficient in the art of understanding a consumers’ needs and demands. We make constant efforts to strike a perfect balance between perfect taste and nutrition. Customer happiness and wellbeing is our top-most priority.

Pure and high quality

The best in Odisha, Prime seeks to be the pioneer of purity and quality when it comes to food manufacture. The superior quality products compounded with affordability leaves a durable impression on all its consumers.

Present in every shop in Odisha

With wide-ranging ubiquitous products, we ensure that our products are found in even the remotest shops in Odisha. Our products can be easily traced in your nearby retail shops or shopping marts.

Established brand and trust for 20 years

We are sincerely dedicated to our customers’ concerns, hence we promise solving your concerns or getting back to you round the clock. We are here to serve you.

Highly versatile and adaptive to situations

Changing dynamism of the market hasn’t stopped us from emerging as one of the best agro-based industries in Odisha. With versatility and frequent adaptations, our company has made itself an exemplary example of steadfastness.

Discover the Best Masalas in Odisha | Bhubaneswar's Trusted Masala Company

Prime Agro Food Processing Pvt. Ltd., the top supplier of spices in Bhubaneswar & Odisha, provides you with the genuine tastes of the area. We specialize in a variety of masalas that perfectly encapsulate the culinary tradition of Odisha.

Pick from a wide range of spices we provide, including our well-known masala mixes. Our masalas, which come in both classic and cutting-edge varieties, are painstakingly created to improve the flavor of your favorite foods. You may rely on us to be your go-to masala company in Bhubaneswar & Odisha.

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I am really impressed by the Prime no garlic no onion tomato sauce. I was dubious of the taste and consistency, nevertheless I took the plunge of purchasing it. To my surprise, it tastes just like any good tomato ketchup and the consistency is surprisingly thick. I am in love with this variant.
Prime mango pickle is the best pickle for everyday Odia meal. Even if I was eating a plain meal, keeping this pickle aside makes eating meals even more enjoyable and satisfying. It is the best mango pickle ever.
I was really disappointed by the recent noodles in the markets. They didn’t taste any good and were also not suiting my guts. I was really happy when I discovered Prime veg noodles. It is the best one I used till date, completely organic and satisfying
I am very satisfied by the Prime Kasundi. This mustard sauce is so unique with its unbeatable taste and texture and along with the superb aroma it adds to the dish.
Prime custard powder strawberry flavour has added a delight to my kids’ dessert experience. They all love it and do not demand outside food during the Pandemic situation.I am really happy with it
Prime biryani masala has been a saviour for me. Earlier when I used to cook biryani, it lacked the flavours of the restaurant and seemed a bit bland. But after using prime biryani masala surely gives my homemade biryani the best taste and aroma it deserves.